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The Company

Cognitive Systems Corp. is changing the way the world views wireless by using patented RF technology to develop solutions that enable wireless signals to be used and interpreted in new ways.

The Solutions

Spectrum Analytics

Real-time spectrum monitoring using economical localized sensors that are networked to provide continuous visibility and insights into regional performance of wireless networks.

Learn about the possibilities ofSpectrum Analytics

Discover a new way to see motion in the home. No cameras or sensors stuck to walls, windows or doors. Just a hub and one or more sensors plugged into electrical outlets that monitor motion by detecting ripples in wireless signals. A mobile app provides live-motion, household-status updates, and notifies the owner of any unusual activity.

The Technology

The Platform

The Platform

See how each component of the platform works together to expand the understanding and enables a range of uses of wireless spectrum.

Use Spectrum In New Ways WithOur Platform

Future Solutions

Discover more ways to use Cognitive's sensors
to benefit customers

Building Automation

Integrate advanced RF sensors to enable climate control based on occupancy and people flow, not just presence.


Affordable wide-band RF sensors provide increased wireless threat-detection coverage to secure all access points to corporate systems.

Drone Detection

Protect against unauthorized drone operations by using the smart RF sensors to locate not just the drone, but also the operator.

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