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The Company

Cognitive Systems Corp. provides a RF platform that allows individuals and organizations to obtain a detailed understanding of the wireless signals that surround them and use that insight for their benefit, without the need for in-depth wireless expertise.

The Solution


Discover a new way to see motion in the home. No cameras or sensors stuck to walls, windows or doors. Just a hub and one or more sensors plugged into electrical outlets that monitor motion by detecting ripples in wireless signals. A mobile app provides live-motion, household-status updates, and notifies the owner of any unusual activity.

In The News


Cognitive Systems' Aura WiFi Motion technology will now be offered as a standard option for customers developing products based on the Qualcomm Mesh Networking


Cognitive Systems and Qualcomm Bring Smart Home Awareness and Insights to Mesh Routers


The Aura home monitoring system, the latest offering from Cognitive Systems Corp, is now available for purchase.

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