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Cognitive Systems Corp. has a powerful platform that can enable solutions across many industries. The cognitive radio chipset, sensors and versatile cloud infrastructure can be applied to help solve many different challenges. The platform architecture allows integration at several levels, giving partners the flexibility needed to develop solutions using Cognitive technology.

System Architecture

System Architecture

The system was architected to simplify integration enabling partners to build robust solutions. The cloud system delivers high-level functionality such as sensor management, tasking, data collection and retrieval, storage, report generation and information analysis. A web-based interface provides basic user access to the system. Beyond this, a comprehensive application program interface (API) provides cloud-to-cloud access enabling easy system integration.

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The Sensors

Cognitive currently offers three sensor models:

Outdoor wide-band sensor(680 MHz – 4 GHz)

Indoor wide-band sensor(680 MHz – 4 GHz)

Indoor ISM sensor(2.4 GHz)

Sensors can be deployed individually or as a network to analyze the wireless environment in numerous ways.

Network management is controlled by the cloud system. Data can be accessed through our API for integration into other systems.

Reporting Capabilities

Data reporting is available at three levels to ensure partners receive the most relevant information

  • Individual sensor: retrieve sensor data for post-processing
  • Multiple sensors: retrieve specific data from sets of sensors for post-processing
  • Data analytics: retrieve pre-processed data

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Building Automation

Integrate advanced RF sensors to enable climate control based on occupancy and people flow, not just presence.


Affordable wide-band RF sensors provide increased wireless threat-detection coverage to secure all access points to corporate systems.

Drone Detection

Protect against unauthorized drone operations by using the smart RF sensors to locate not just the drone, but also the operator.

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