The Platform

The cognitive radio system is built to enable solutions for wireless applications. Each component, from the chipset to the interface, plays a vital role in delivering the data required to change the way wireless signals are processed and used.

The Chip

The Chip

The cognitive radio chipset provides a wideband view of wireless signals that enables spectrum data to be extracted and processed. The chipset includes 16 receiver paths, 6 transmit outputs, a dual-vector processor, internal micro-processor, FEC, and a linear front-end system.

The Sensors

The sensors create a secure platform for the cognitive radio to sense and process the wireless spectrum. They can be upgraded with protocols or applications to create a custom solution. Sensors include indoor and outdoor options, MIMO antenna design, hardware public and private keys for crypto-authentication, the cognitive radio chipset, an internal processor, internal memory, and GPS and GLONASS. I/O options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, Ethernet connectivity, and USB.

The Sensors
The Backend

The Backend

The backend aggregates and processes data for the sensor or a network of sensors, and enables cloud-to-cloud integration. It includes back-end security and secure APIs for pushing, receiving, or publishing data.

The Interface and Control Panel

With robust APIs, customizable views and controls can be developed to present spectrum data in meaningful ways.

The Interface and Control Panel

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